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Judges 4-5:  Deborah, Barak, and
           the Battle With Sisera

The sovereign hand of God influences events in the earth, and flexes the powers of heaven. A prophetess, a warrior, a rural wife, and a battle-hardened captain all acknowledged this truth from differing perspectives.

Deborah summons Barak.
Deborah tells Barak God has called him to lead the battle.
The Harosheth Chariot Works
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The elders of Israel plan the battle strategy.
Deborah calls on God to help his people in the battle.
The stars in their courses fight against Sisera.
Sisera flees the battle in terror.
An exhausted Sisera arrives at the tent of Heber the Kenite.
Jael shows hospitality to Sisera.
An exhausted Sisera falls asleep.
Jael delivers the death blow.
Sisera's worried mother watches for his return.
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