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Deborah Intercedes
For The  Armies of  Israel

                           24 x 36

Gouache, pen, and pencil on canvas

Deborah calls on God to help his people in the battle.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

As the battle engages, Deborah petitions God for help. Her prayer is as sweet smelling incense wafting up to his throne. Now God is coming into the midst of the battle on behalf of Israel. The account tells us ... "the LORD discomfited Sisera, and all his chariots, and all his host, with the edge of the sword before Barak, so that Sisera lighted down off his chariot, and fled away on his feet." Discomfit means God put them to flight: they were being sorely beaten.


Just as the river Jordan represents transition and manifestation of God's divine power on behalf of his people, the ancient river Kishon correlates to divine judgment upon the enemies of righteousness. In this scene, Deborah overlooks Kishon, where God has directed the battle. After Sisera's army was decimated on the battlefield, the river itself rose up on God's command, and swept their dead bodies away. Centuries later, Kishon would again receive corpses—those of the prophets of Baal slaughtered by the prophet Elijah.

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