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Who Touched Me?

                                    30 X 48

Gouache, pencil, ink and nail enamel on canvas

Jesus stops and asks who touched him. MultipleWorlds Media logo

And Jesus said, Who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they that were
with him said, Master, the multitude throng you and press you, and say you,
Who touched me?

Delirious joy is clouded with trepidation as the woman realizes her action was anything but secret.  She knows she is healed, but the familiar stigma

of uncleanness still clings to her. How can she come forward in front of all these people? What if they don't believe she is healed and begin to move away from her in disgust? She is accustomed to humiliation and embarrassment, but not on such as massive scale as this crowd presents...


"Someone has touched me, for I know that power has gone out from me."   
Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)

"He knows," she tells herself. She should come forward.

Time seems to stand still. And to make matters worse, He doesn't appear

to be in any hurry to resume walking until His question is answered. Trembling uncontrollably, she forces one foot in front of the other in the direction toward Him. The crowd parts to let her through, until she finds herself facing her Healer.

To say a mere 'thank you, Sir,' for such a life-redeeming blessing seems shallow and inadequate, so she kneels in reverence before Him. A hush

falls over the crowd as she tells the story of her affliction and miraculous healing. With her head bowed and eyes lowered, she awaits his response to her bold and unorthodox approach...

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