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                              30 x 48

Gouache, pencil, pen, and glitter on canvas

The woman is instantly healed. MultipleWorlds Media logo.

Can you imagine what it must have been like for this woman to experience the power of God instantly removing the malady that tormented her for twelve agonizing years?

Her weeping turns to tears of joy at the realization she is healed!!

No more non-stop cramping and bleeding. No more weakness from anemia, no more fear of going into more debt to pay doctors, no more ostracism from public interaction. Now she could look forward to experiencing life as she had always dreamed, with a loving husband and a family.


Her mind must have been racing with giddiness as she mentally

planned her day going forward. She would make her way back home,

bathe, fix her disheveled hair, and put on one of her best garments,

as there was no more need to fear they would be stained by hemorrhaging. She would go to the priest and offer the proper sacrifice according to Moses' Law.


Then, she would visit family and tell them of her adventure of faith

and the great blessing it brought. She would tell them the prophet

and rabbi from Nazareth must truly be Messiah, because He had done

what nobody else could do!

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