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The Day of Her Visitation

                              30 x 48
Gouache, chalk, pencil, and ink on canvas

The woman sees the crowds following Jesus and feels a glimmer of hope. MultipleWorlds Media logo

The woman has rushed to her window to see what the commotion is about. Jesus is passing by her house! She can see the Prophet and Healer from Nazareth in the street below. The crowd extends as far as the eye can see and the people are thronging and milling about to the extent she has to strain to not lose sight of him.

Already, her neighbors are at their windows to get a glimpse. Her closest neighbor, a joyful mother of three children with a fourth on the way, serves as a painful reminder of the blessings of marriage and motherhood denied. Another neighbor who is otherwise healthy except for his crippled legs extends a cloth for Jesus to touch, believing the healing virtue transferred to it will be sufficient to make him whole.


An elderly neighbor—too old and arthritic to reach far—attempts to touch

the neighbor who will have the anointed cloth. At a side entrance just

out of the way of the crowd, a family waits with a baby for a blessing

from the Healer.


The woman has spent all her savings on doctors who could not cure her, but now
the One who has never failed to heal is right within her reach! Or is he? The
crowd is so massive they are blocking the main door of the building. There is
only one way down to the street—the side stairway.

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